Wednesday, August 01, 2012

I can't imagine why Scott Hodson wasn't prosecuted

A reader brings this to my attention: Settlement close in police lawsuit over harassment

The lawsuit also alleged that Gallagher was harassed and threatened by Officer Scott Hodson, with whom she had an earlier relationship, and who the complaint said is the father of her second child.
Oh, wait. He's a member of the Foxboro Police Department and they can do whatever the hell they like and their boss, Chief Edward O'Leary will do whatever it takes to cover for them! How could I forget?
Gallagher alleged in the lawsuit that Hodson deflated her car's tires, stood too close to her in an effort to intimidate her, spit on her husband's police cruiser, threatened to attack her husband, yelled at her and called her a "whore" and other terms broadly offensive to women.
That's sounds pretty awful. Worse than anything I was accused of doing. Apparently, anything a woman alleges must be true and must be prosecuted, unless it's being said about a member of the Foxborough Police Department. Those corrupt bastards are on the side of the angels, always. Just ask them. But be careful, they lie a lot. Like this:
Our mission to the residents of Foxborough is as follows: "To provide a safe environment for the citizens of Foxborough, free from crime and disorder, with protection of rights under the Constitution."
That one's a real knee slapper. You know who isn't the least bit surprised to find that Scott Hodson is a pig and a bully? Me.


Anonymous said...

The one comment that I have to say about the article that was in both the Sun Chronicle and the Foxboro Reporter, is that you also have to consider the source of the lawsuit.

The article comes across as very sympathetic to Jessica Gallagher which I assume is because they only had the lawsuit that SHE filed to go off of, but there is certainly more to this story that what meets the eye.

Believe me, I am not condoning the behavior by Scott Hodson that is alleged in the lawsuit, but you do have to question the circumstances around these events.

The article mentioned that Hodson is the father of Gallagher's second child, what about the rest of her children? Turns out, there are three total and two of them are by Foxboro police officers. She had one child when she started at the station by her first husband. Shortly after starting, she began a relationship with a Foxboro officer (I'll leave that poor guy's name out of this because he was married). She then began an affair with Hodson which resulted in a pregnancy and the end of her first marriage. After some time with Hodson, she began a relationship with a third officer which also quickly resulted in another pregnancy (the main issue surrounding her lawsuit). This new relationship and the pregnancy was the catalyst to the issues with Hodson that are outlined in her lawsuit.

I actually blame Chief O'Leary on this one. When she began her fist officer relationship and then started up with Hodson, there were altercations on the job between the two officers involved. O'Leary had a chance at that time to nip that situation in the bud. However, the only thing that happened was a shift change for one of the officers. In the private sector, one of all of these people would have been gone. It certainly would not have been allowed to continue to the point that there have been three officers involved and numerous altercations at work over a span of years.

O'Leary definitely needs a better handle on his staff and would serve everyone better if he had some policies in place around workplace relationships. He also needs to create an environment where employees leave their personal life at home and have some accountability for their actions and the situations that they put themselves into. Jessica Gallagher needs that same level of accountability. You can't put the blame solely on everyone else.

Paul McKay said...
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Paul McKay said...

"Believe me, I am not condoning the behavior by Scott Hodson that is alleged in the lawsuit, but you do have to question the circumstances around these events."

Oh, no no no no no no. When a woman accuses a man of bad behavior, you don't question that at all. You don't look at facts, logic, common sense or evidence. In fact, if there's evidence that shows the woman is lying and the man didn't do anything wrong, you make sure no one ever sees it and you lie about what it was, like Scott Hodson did. You just prosecute the guy for anything you can dream up and never, ever, ever look at anything the woman did. If you're absolutely forced to do that, then you throw the case, like Scott Austin did.

"Jessica Gallagher needs that same level of accountability. You can't put the blame solely on everyone else."

Jessica Gallagher needs the same level of accountability that Cynthia Whelahan got. I can put the blame solely on Scott Hodson and the Foxboro PD and just be returning the favor. Remember, boobs good, penis bad. Unless they're attached to an FPD officer. Then things get fuzzy.

One thing we can agree on is that Ed O'Leary is a ginormous, incompetent tool. That department should be cleaned out like it was the Augean Stables. You could staff it from bottom to top with recent high school grads and they'd do a better, more honorable job.

Anonymous said...

This could be viewed as some poetic justice. The awesome quote by Hodson in the newspaper article was "that never happened." Whether it happened or not, Jessica Gallagher made that claim in her lawsuit and received a financial settlement and got her job back as a result. So now, Hodson got called out in the newspaper and has to see her at work every day. That's got to sting.

Personally, if the station is as awful as Gallagher claimed in her lawsuit, I can't imagine why she would want to go back to work there. I guess that's just me, though.

Anonymous said...