Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Documents

I started this blog with the intention of creating a historical record of my trials and tribulations at the hands of the courts of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. That was two years ago and several forces have played a part in suspending that project. First, I thought this thing was over at the time. That turned out not to be the case and the prospect of further litigation made it unwise to continue at the time. That is no longer an issue. The case is done, and I have been completely exonerated. Second, personal revulsion played a part. Seriously, going through this enormous pile of crap turns my stomach. But it's too important that this be fully documented to let that get in the way. Several requests have renewed my motivation, and I'm going to dedicate some time to scanning and posting the documents related to this case. Well, a lot of them, anyway. There has to be 1000 pages here, but I'm going to endeavor to get the relevant stuff posted. Third, there are some technical issues related to the limits of the Blogger software, but I think I have those worked out. Last, there's the part about me being something of a procrastinator, which is compounded by the second point. I can think of a hundred ways I'd rather spend my time, but I'm feeling a moral obligation to get this done, so I'm going to try to be disciplined about doing it.

Some of the commentary that will accompany this effort is is going to read like an attack on Cindy Whelahan, and by necessity, it will be. She started this nonsense and she pursued it, with malice in mind and lying every step of the way, and that will be made perfectly clear in great detail. But I want to make it clear that that is not my purpose here. What I mean to expose is the system, from the police to the courts to the DA's, that allowed and enabled this travesty to happen with no regard whatsoever for the truth or for the law itself. This system continues to do such things to innocent people every day, and they're spending millions of taxpayer dollars in this pursuit of rank sexism. That is what must be detailed, and that is why I chose the name I did when I started this blog.

For those who'd like a summary, there's a narrative here and there's a more detailed chronology of events here. Someone once quipped after reading those that this story sounds a lot like Franz Kafka's "The Trial" I think that "Kafkaesque" is a fairly accurate descriptor.

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