Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Documents: Dancing with The Man

In the last post, I left off with a letter I sent to FPD Chief O'Leary on 3/4/04. I received this response, dated 3/5/04 from Sgt Bousquet, the FPD Internal Affairs Officer. It turns out that my lawyer pretty much wanted to strangle me for writing to O'Leary in the first place, so I sent Bousquet this response. Sometime shortly thereafter, I received a call from someone who identified himself as Bousquet and was quite pleasant and understanding. He also wanted to dig in to who and what my others complaints with FPD officers were about, but I declined to get into it with him at that time. He assured me that he'd open an investigation, and we ended the call on a pleasant note agreeing to pick up later, after the trial.

As continuances piled up, and as Cindy started pulling restraining orders out of Barnstable Family and Probate (having moved to Sandwich), I got a little impatient and I also learned a bit more about the probable cause process, so I sent this letter to Bousquet on 8/9/04 asking that the 3/4/04 hearing result be appealed based on my right to attend having been violated by officer Austin. I received this response which sounded a whole lot different from the phone call I'd received from Bousquet. And this one told me that if I had a problem with how Scott Austin handled the hearing, that I should go to Scott Austin to straighten out the mess that Scott Austin made. So I called Bousquet, probably to ask him what he'd been smoking, and I got his voice mail. And I noticed from his outgoing message that while the call I had taken months earlier had been from a man with a smooth, unremarkable voice, Bousquet has a distinctive gravelly old man voice. So, someone had called me, identified himself as Bousquet, and tried to dig into to who else in that department I was going to point a finger at. So, what was I to do? Why, write another letter, of course. And I got another response from Bousquet.

This part of the story will will pick back up shortly, but first I've got the Barnstable restraining order and the Wrentham trial to talk about. Stay tuned.

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